The Crosset Company’s three million cubic foot state-of-the-art distribution facility 
is located in Independence, Kentucky and …

• Provides capability for 150 truckloads of product

• Processes over 150 product turns a year

• Contains eight separate climate zones

• Provides separate dedicated areas for organic products

• Provides constant “cold chain” maintenance

• Includes a 34° chilled water bath for quick temperature reduction

• Includes a “Wet Box” with galvanized steel racking

• Contains ethylene-free lettuce and floral areas

• Includes state-of-the-art banana processing rooms

• Features gravity-feed racking

• Features speed doors

Distribution facility certifications include:

• Sustained “Superior” A.I.B. rating

• Q.A.I. Certified Organic Distributor/Re-Packer

In addition, the Crosset Company is a member of the Organic Trade Association (O.T.A.)




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