Wholesale Distribution Program

Crosset Simplicity™ comes in flowers too. Crosset Company operates the largest 
floral wholesale distribution program in the eastern United States. Crosset offers an unmatched selection of both dry pack and wet pack fresh-cut flowers. In addition, Crosset provides potted blooming plants, foliage plants and hanging baskets along with floral supplies, further simplifying your program.

Comprehensive Marketing

Crosset’s full-time floral director makes your floral program simple by coordinating a comprehensive marketing program that includes 
timely promotions.

Floral Training

PMA/FMA certified floral training is also a strength of the Crosset Company floral program.

All of this is designed for simplicity.

Fresh Cut

The highest quality products with year round consistent supplies of roses, bouquets, consumer bunches and bulk flowers. Farm direct from premier growers in the United States, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Holland and Costa Rica with multiple weekly deliveries to insure the freshest product. Offering both in wet pack and dry pack boxes. All at competitive prices. Custom programs available to fit any retailer.

Floral Supplies -

Seasonal Items

• 4" & 6" Mini Roses

• Rose Bowl

Monthly Special -

New Items

• Gift Baskets

Crosset Simplicity™

A complete floral program to fill all your floral needs. What could be more simple?




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